Powered by partners

Vägsjöfors MTB Area is made possible by several partners. Together we are able to provide these lovely trails for us bikers. 
This means that if you might be in need of buying stuff or if you need to find an overnight stay, the VMA-crew kindly ask you to think firstly of those companies who are investing in Vägsjöfors MTB Area. Without them we could not create what we are doing. And in this way you are also a part of making this area...

isn't that just great to know!

Diamant partners

We are very proud to have both 

Cube from Germany


Rocky Mountain from Cananda

as our main partners within Vägsjöfors MTB Area.

Platinum partners

Within Vägsjöfors MTB Area you can find the following areas:

Brockens MTB Trail Center, Fryksdalens Gravel Tracks, Järnbrukets Bike Park and Överbyns Descending Lines.

Our partners within these areas are:

Gold partners

Within Brockens MTB Trail Center, you will find the

Descendning Lines which are being powered by:

Silver partners

To each trail you will find a separate trail powered by company, which are:

Bronze partners

Last but not least the partners who are helping out in their way to

finalize the dream area we are all working for: