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Norra Värmlands Mountainbike Förening (NVMF) has existed since May 2003 and was created to develop mountain biking in the area around Vägsjöfors. Through the years many mountain bike trails have been created, which give you an experience of the beautiful landscape of the area. But there is still room for further development! NVMF has taken the role to create mountain bike possibilities in Vägsjöfors for the love to the sport.


Within the project, Vägsjöfors MTB Area, we have created different sponsor solutions which will give the sponsor an opportunity to show his products as well as helping NVMF to develop Vägsjöfors MTB Area. This will lead to a greater interest in the sport and more people will start biking and it will also make the area more interesting to settle in.  


Be part of a unique project to help secure the future of the Vägsjöfors area and make a difference!


The different sponsor solutions are per year. Our club goes full send and we hope that you would like to be a part of this, so that we, together, can create something out of the ordinary and at the same time keep the character of the landscape.


The centre of all the areas is placed in central Vägsjöfors, close to The Lodge Torsby and below Vägsjöfors Herrgård. From here it will be easy to find your way within Vägsjöfors MTB Area. Apart from the biking, there are places for swimming, accommodation and a restaurant as well as the possibility for other activities in nature.

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Would you like to become a part of making a difference. To get a complete picture of the marketing possibilities, please send us a mail and we will provide you with everything you need to know.

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